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The database of the Goettingen Bach Catalogue has been maintained by the Bach-Archiv in Leipzig since August 2008

As before, if you discover an error or would like to suggest additions or changes, we request that you contact us.

In addition to database records for all known Bach sources, detailed descriptions of manuscripts along with handwriting samples and watermark tracings will be provided by nearly every German library.
(except Berlin, Staatsbibliothek
Leipzig, Bach-Archiv,
Staedtische Bibl./Musikbibliothek
Regensburg, Sammlung Proske)

We refer you to the Bach Digital project, with which the Goettingen Bach Catalogue closely cooperates.

"Göttinger Bach-Katalog" - Goettingen Bach Catalogue

Sources of J. S. Bach's Works

Database of the works of Bach and their handwritten Sources till 1850

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Examples for an effective search are given in the catalogues directly, basic information about the catalogues you find here.


    A project of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
    in cooperation with the Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Institut Goettingen (until December 2006)

    With kind assistance of Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar (University of Goettingen)

    DaimlerChrysler-Fonds, Commerzbank and VG Musikedition (Kulturfonds)

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